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Our Mission


Illuminate opportunities for families and individuals with disabilities through advocacy, education, and connection of resources for enhancement of life skills and community experiences. 


Tristate Developmental Services was initially just a hope. A hope of two fathers that wanted their sons with disabilities to be able to participate in sports activities with their peers in a safe environment. That hope has turned into reality and grown to be more. Initially, those two dads created inclusive basketball and baseball teams that they organized and coached. Over time more family members and friends have joined the dream and more opportunities for inclusion and equity for individuals with disabilities have been discovered. In 2020, the nonprofit organization that we are was created. Made up of professionals and laymen, our organization is one that has a passion and drive for our participants to experience life as anyone else would. 

In our growth process, we have noticed a lack of information and connectivity for the individuals and families we work with.  Frequently, the families of those with disabilities are lacking information on resources and the next step in the lives of their children.  Common ideology is that medical staff and teachers will tell you all that you need to know, but unfortunately, that's not the case as they themselves are often without the knowledge of services offered.  As anyone with children can attest to, most days the basic care and needs of a family can exhaust the caregivers and providers, even more so when a child has additional needs.  Tristate Developmental Services wants to help by finding the resources and opportunities available and connecting families and individuals with them.  Our goal is also to provide a community of people that are experiencing some of the same challenges to encourage and strengthen each other.

Young Basketball Player
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