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Kickball that is! Our first games is 6:00, this Saturday Sept. 18, at the Community Center field. If you haven't signed up, you still can either online or in person on Saturday. Teams will be announced and jerseys handed out. Lot's of fun headed your way!

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August has been an eventful month! We've had fun with parties, baseball, crafts, games, and Goodwill. A huge thank you to everyone that participated and those that helped out. Feel free to add comments about your favorite thing or when you had an especially good time. Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed August to its fullest potential. Goodbye August and Hello September!!!

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Our Baseball and Back to School Party is tomorrow at 6:00pm! There will be one big, final game, medals, pictures, hot dogs, snacks, school supplies and more! Join us for an evening of fun and recognition of our baseball players and students.

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